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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Vinyl (leather) Flower Necklace

So I found the time to make it this morning but I still don't know how...I made it as Elmo was eating his porridge and generally amusing himself by wrecking things. My things. Anyways...

I couldnt find my vinyl...I know I have some gorgeous turquoise vinyl somewhere but due to severe disorganisation I couldn't put my mitts on it so I used leather instead. Not the best choice as I almost de-fingernailed myself more than once trying to get my needle through it. The thickness also meant I could only go with five petals on each flower rather than six.

The tutorial was really easy to follow as long as you dont mind making up your own measurements as you go along (which I dont mind at all).

I went with the suede side out as I like the texture and the more defined variations in colour. As the leather was really difficult to sew I hot glued it onto the felt and it feels strong enough to wear without worrying it might fall apart.

As soon as I find that vinyl, I'll be making another - I love the colours and the way this one looks but I dont like the way most of the flowers dont meet up in the middle on mine...

Fab tutorial by the sisters - here's a couple of pics of how it turned out x


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! do you mind if we feature this? it is so cool to see this you have no idea!!!!


  2. Hi Selina - feature away. It was a fab tutorial, much easier and quicker than anyone looking at your necklace would ever believe x

  3. totally featured!!! come check it out!